Wednesday, February 27, 2008

47 days and counting......

Tonight's swim felt great. This was a shock to me as I figured I'd struggle since it's been over a week since my last visit to the pool. I always hate it when someone gets in the lane next to you and seems as if they are "racing" you. It's inevitable that my speed increases and thoughts start going through my head like "oh no.... you aren't going to get me on THIS lap... ha ha....sucker!". After I went back and forth with the gal in the lane next to me....I decided it was time to simmer down and actually do the workout I was supossed to be doing instead of allowing someone else to lead me away from it.

Earlier today I got in my hour of core/strength training and put in a little run time as well. It's so nice to have my appetite back and feel strong again. Geeze.... I hope I am not plagued with anymore sickness for a while (like after till AFTER Ironman). Every time I leave a customer's office I think to myself "did I touch anything that might have germs on it?......who looked sick in there?....... I need to wash my hands!".

As of right now.... I'm feeling good about Ironman, but if I sit around and think about it too much my nerves start to get to me. I've put a certain "expectation level" on myself and if I don't perform..... I'll always feel like I let myself down. Is this a bad thing? I really should get into the mindset of just going out there and having fun with this and be the best I can be with what the day gives me.

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WarKitty said...

You're highly competitive, you can't help but push yourself and question your abilities till you go prove it to yourself.

Personally, I think you'll surprise yourself with your improved fitness and ability. You're going to ROCK that Ironman.