Wednesday, February 27, 2008

47 days and counting......

Tonight's swim felt great. This was a shock to me as I figured I'd struggle since it's been over a week since my last visit to the pool. I always hate it when someone gets in the lane next to you and seems as if they are "racing" you. It's inevitable that my speed increases and thoughts start going through my head like "oh no.... you aren't going to get me on THIS lap... ha ha....sucker!". After I went back and forth with the gal in the lane next to me....I decided it was time to simmer down and actually do the workout I was supossed to be doing instead of allowing someone else to lead me away from it.

Earlier today I got in my hour of core/strength training and put in a little run time as well. It's so nice to have my appetite back and feel strong again. Geeze.... I hope I am not plagued with anymore sickness for a while (like after till AFTER Ironman). Every time I leave a customer's office I think to myself "did I touch anything that might have germs on it?......who looked sick in there?....... I need to wash my hands!".

As of right now.... I'm feeling good about Ironman, but if I sit around and think about it too much my nerves start to get to me. I've put a certain "expectation level" on myself and if I don't perform..... I'll always feel like I let myself down. Is this a bad thing? I really should get into the mindset of just going out there and having fun with this and be the best I can be with what the day gives me.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Back on track..... 49 days and counting....

Finally back on track.

I lived through last week somehow.....though....I must admit that it felt as if I were living through some sort of nightmare. Coming down with the flu this far into Ironman training was NOT a good thing. Saturday and Sunday I managed to get in some riding and running, but I felt so cheated!

This week things are "back on track" and I'm ready to for whatever is thrown my way.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Slowly coming back from the dead......

Well... It's Wednesday and I've been sick since about 11:00 Sunday night..... I mean REALLY, REALLY sick. At first I thought I just had some bloating from foods I had eaten that day, but about an hour later...... it all came up. First it was projectile vomitting......then diarreaha. This lasted until the next day. Trey came down with it shortly after put us both out of commission. Not good. It's tough to take care of a 4 year old when both parents are sick as dogs! Monday I felt as if someone had taken a beaseball bat to every bone on my body. I was HURTING.....every joint, muscle and bone. I so desperately wanted to drink fluids, but every time I tried it would send me to the toilet in one form or fashion.....neither one was pretty. Yesterday I was able to keep down some liquids and very little food, but was a better day. Today I did manage to get myself into work for a few hours and get some quotes out so this made me feel a bit more productive. The real question is..... How is this gonna play into the Ironman training schedule. Is this gonna hurt me? I hope not. I'm planning to take today as another "get well" day and hope I will be able to get some time in on the trainer tomorrow night.

Wish me well!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rain rain go away.....57 days and counting.....

Well.... today's rain put a serious "damper" on the training schedule. I was due a 6 hour ride.... and for those of you who train some on a trainer.... know that 6 hours on a trainer is not possible. Needless to say I had to improvise. Trey and I headed out this morning for 1:05 of running. We knew the rain was coming and before we were 10 minutes into the run the sky broke loose..... It didn't stop us though. After we got back I hopped on the trainer and did 2 hours straight.... stoppped for a bit and ran some errands.... then came back and hit it for another hour. 3 hours total on the trainer in a day.... that's a record for me!

Yesterday I was able to get in a 4:30 ride. I went by myself and ventured to Mountain Cove and back from my house. It was a good day for me on the TT bike...... great weather..... felt strong and held a nice seady fast pace the whole ride. I can only wish to have such a good day on race day. Once home..... I grabbed a quick bite and headed out on a 2:15 hike in the woods with my family in preparation for our trip to the Grand Canyon. I am hoping that hiking some with them before our trip to Arizona will leave them ready for the 10 mile hike into the Canyon after I complete Ironman. Above are some pictures from our hike..... including a picture of an unexpected critter (an Eastern Hognosed Snake) on the trail for this time of year.

Tomorrow is a rest I plan to rest up for the tough training week ahead of me!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Countdown Begins..... 63 days out....

Well... it's getting closer... the big day that is. April 13th will be here in no time and the workouts have gotten insanely crazy! This past week was week 3 of build....whew..... Thank god for rest weeks (this week)... even if it wouldn't really justify as a "rest week" in the real world!

Yesterday was a 3.5 hour trail run with great company and beautiful weather. A group of us ran the Cumberland Trail (Soddy Creek Segment). I got to spend some time with one of my favorite people.... Kevin Boucher. He played nice and ran a much slower pace and kept me company. Most of the group split off and went back a bit earlier, but I needed to get the time in and go the distance so Kevin went with me. I've included some pictures from our run above.

Saturday was my "long ride" day.... so.... myself, Cat and Karen decided we would ride from our houses to downtown Chickamauga to the Vixens Time Trial. We were also excited to attend this since we knew professional cyclist Nathan O'Neil would be there! We arrived on our bikes and did a warm-up lap and then did 2 laps as the actual time trial. After we were done we chatted with Nathan (who is a super nice and down to earth person) for a bit and had our picture made with him. And YES.... once I have the picture IT WILL be posted on here! I think I ended up with like 4.5 hours for ride time. Opted not to swim since I had a hacking cough and wasn't feeling top notch in fear that it might have made me sicker. Hopefully missing that workout won't make or break me!

Today I am enjoying an OFF DAY. Looks like I'll be getting every Monday off for the next month. Wow.... that's good to know that'll I'll have an off day every week!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ahhhhh....Day 156......

Ahhhh.... Tomorrow is an OFF DAY! Yipee!

Today I rode for 5.5 hours. I was scheduled to do 6 hours, but due to time constraints 5.5 was all I could put in. It felt fine for the first 4.5 hours and then I started feeling all the self inflicted damage put on the ole legs over this whole week..... Especially the past 2-3 days....maybe the rain didn't help any toward the end of today's ride either. My coach loaded this week out with plenty of "speed work" sessions on both the bike and running. My legs have had lactic acid in them about all week because of this! Not sure what this is gonna accomplish, but I have faith in my coach. Damn..... I can't wait to show up for a group ride and actually have fresh legs -or- are those days gone till after Ironman? When I tell those I ride with about my 20-22 hour training weeks they look at me with a blank look like they don't get it. Oh well.... sympathy is hard to find sometimes! : )

Yesterday I rode for 4 hours and promtly got off the bike and ran for 1:10. The running was tougher than usual for me. Guess that all stems back to the heavy training week of both volume and "speed work" type workouts?

Can't wait to do absolutely NOTHING tomorrow.... it's gonna be great!