Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's not easy.....

It's not easy training for an Ironman in the middle of the freaking winter!

I knew there would be days like today and yesterday, but it really hit home today. I ended up completing just over half of the ride time I was scheduled for today (only completed 3.5 hours) due to temperatures in the teens and twenties. Since it was so cold I did most of this work-out on my trainer and ventured outside to meet a group around lunchtime (by this time it had warmed up to a balmy 27 degrees). There were only 4 of us. We questioned our sanity... as did everyone we passed on the road. Once I got home I removed my gloves and slowly warmed my fingertips to regain feeling. I've included a picture from today's ride..... compliments of Pat. Gotta love that face mask Dean was wearing!

Yesterday I rode out with a group and ended up with 3.5 hours. Fortunately.... the temperatures were in the mid to high 30's..... cold, but easier to deal with than today's temperatures and wind chill factor! When I got home from riding I quickly changed into running gear and headed out for my hour run. I am hopeful that next week the weather will be nicer than what mother nature struck us with this weekend.

Time to rest up for next week. It looks like it's gonna be a tough one as far as volume and intensity goes.

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