Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 135...... No Pain...No Gain!

No pain... no gain. That's what this whole week has been about. There were many moments this week in which I was determined my coach (Carole) was trying to break me! Here's the run down of the past couple of days:

Saturday I rode out with the guys for a 5.5 hour ride. Early in the ride I knew I would be struggling toward the end as my legs were not responding like normal on the climb up Montlake. I'm usually farther up in the pack on climbs, but not yesterday. Gee.... guess this is what happens when you are in your 3rd week of build and training in the upwards of 20 hours a week. Still yet..... not easy to swallow when I can usually glide up the mountain without heavy breathing. We rode on the top for a bit and descended on Henson Gap.....we then rolled through the Valley on the other side and our group split in two when the Suck Creek climb presented itself. Most of the group opted for the lesser mileage and climb up the mountain, but Chad and George faithfully went with me for the long haul. By the time we hit White side my legs were screaming in agony. I am feeling like a total slacker by now as Chad and George seem to be fresh! Finally we were done riding, but I was not done with my work-out for the day. I promtly got into my car drove home.....changed clothes.....sucked down some soup and drove to the gym for 1.5 hours in the pool. Good grief!.... was I EVER glad to get this over with. The rest of the evening I was worthless and non-conversational. Poor Trey.... he was so kind to me even though I'm sure he was not too happy about my lethargic behavior.

Sunday Trey and I woke up.... had some delicious pancakes and headed out for a trail run with a group. I was NOT looking forward to this as I was scheduled 2.45-3.00 of running! I feared my legs would do a repeat of yesterday, but as we warmed-up I was able to move better than I thought......sure I was tired and not at 100%, but I was glad to be moving at a decent pace. Once we got to the creek it was too full to I ended up on the low side of time needed to complete my workout. That was just fine too.... it met the requirement for the day! The legs don't feel as bad as I would have fact.... once we got home I jogged with Xian (my 4 year old) up and down the street. Xian is not your typical kid....he begs to go for jogs, ride his bike and hike. I am hopeful that Trey and I have had something to do with his excitement for these things. I've included some pictures from today above.

Guess what tomorrow is? It's an OFF DAY and the most of the week is reduced volume & intensity! I'm so exicited that I can hardly contain myself.

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