Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day 128........damn I'm tired! get to know yourself really well on a long solo ride. This morning I got up and rode by my lonesome for 6 hours. When I left out the roads were pretty wet from the rain last night and earlier this morning and seemed to remain partially wet for the remainder of the day. The sun tried to peep out briefly, but didn't show itself for too long. My ride today included a ton of climbing and at minimum was a century as I left my house in North Chattanooga and ventured up to the land of Pikeville, TN. At one point I found myself talking to some cattle as I rode past them...... they looked at me like they were interested in what I had to say -or- thought I was crazy one! Today reminded me of Ironman Florida as the pain in my legs started to set in, but you just keep going. I assume this is why Carole wrote this into my schedule. Ironman is not easy either... and doing hard workout weeks should make things more manageable on race day. BUT... as I reminded me of what I'm in store for in April.

Yesterday I rode out with the boys for 3.5 hours. Rucks and I were the only two there on TT bikes. Part of the group slpit off and went longer, but I knew I was in for another long day today so I went with the 3.5 hour group. We climbed up Hwy 136 in Flintstone, GA and once we were on Lookout Mountain we took Lula Lake Road till we hit our descent. Gotta love climbing on a TT bike! I like riding with those guys as the company is always good and there are plenty of laughs to be had during the ride..... makes the miles go by faster. Once I got off the bike and was situated I went out for the scheduled 1:15 run. Boy....was I ever glad to get that over with!

Don't have another scheduled "off" day till the 14th! Next week is another "build" week and it looks brutal. I'll post an update in a couple of days.


WarKitty said...

It's during long, lonely rides like that that I start singing.

Dreama said...

So....singing to ones self and talking to farm animals should be dismissed as "normal" right? Because we know that WE are both completely "normal"!

WarKitty said...

Why of course!

Or at least if not normal, we're the sane ones:-D