Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 is here!

Well... the second annual Frosty Challenge was yesterday. There could not be better way to start the New Year like suffering with your friends in the wind and cold! Our 18 mile road bike to the trail head on top of the mountain was a bit slower than I would have liked, but we did not want to leave anyone behind. guy did get dropped anyways, but he went back to the car and so kindly came up the mountain to watch our bikes while we ran the trails. It seemed like the wind got worse as the day went on. Coming down the mountain we were getting side winds and I actually found myself pedaling on the descent! All the Chattanooga greats came out for this one.....Kevin Boucher, Herbert Krabel, John O'Brien & son, Jim Farmer, Matt Sims, Dan Miller, Chad Rucks.... to name a few. There were only Cat & I starting off, but Carol Farmer joined us for the trail run.... that made only 3 girls this year. Was last year so tough that it scared the gals away? I hope not... maybe next year there will be a higher female turn-out. I have posted a picture of part of the trail above. Big thanks to Trey and SCV'er Matt for all their help out there as well!

New Year's Eve I paced Cat for her 4 mile race (Karen Lawrence Race ). Starting off I had a goal time for her in my head of 40 minutes. Not only did she beat that goal time....She went under 39 minutes. What a great feeling to know that I helped someone achieve their goal! Congrats to you Cat on an awesome race. It was so cool to see you all pumped up afterwards! Not too bad for someone who just took up running. Above is a picture of Nik and I from the race.

Ah.... and today.... it was back to the pool for more abuse. I swam for over an hour... In fact... I swam a total distance of nearly 3 miles! Holy Crap.....! I hope this pays off big time at Ironman!

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WarKitty said...

I think it will. You'll see. You'll do better than ever this year. Heck, you're already so much stronger on the bike that I'm having trouble keeping with you like I said I would to provide company. Or is it that I'm weaker? Regardless, its working and all the swimming you are doing (I know, not your favorite) is going to pay off. You'll finish that part of the race so much better than you ever imagined you could.