Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 152.....

I'm beat...... today was yet another tough day. By the time you factor in work, family and training there is not much time for anything else! This a.m. I did an hour of core/strength, an hour in the pool and 30mins on the treadmill. This evening I ran for 1:05 incorporating 30sec strides and after that holding steady for over 20min at Zone 4 heart rate. Whew......

Tomorrow is 2 hours on the bike and quite frankly... I'm looking forward to it. My legs are yearning for a break from running on asphalt! This weekend looks to be rather interesting as well with back to back big mileage bike days and some running and swimming!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day 149.....

Well.... the work-out weekend is over. And it was a tough one, but I ecpected that.

Today I ran trails on Signal Mountain for 3 hours with some friends. We had few groups with options for short, medium and long runs. Since I was going long.... Joey & Sergio went the full monty with me. Cathi did most of this with us and only cut off a mile or two. It worked out pretty well. After I had lunch I headed to the pool for my 1.5 hour swim and after that I went to a friends birthday party downtown.

Yesterday I rode for 4 good hours on a very challenging course. We went down Mullen's Cove Road (aka 1,000 dog road). It's basically worse than doing a mountain climb as it has crazy elevation gain! It was COLD to say the least. Heading out of the parking lot I was suited up with 4 pair of gloves, hand warmers, toe covers, shoe covers and toastie toes. I think I had on 22 articles of clothing.... WOW. During the ride I only shed one pair of gloves too! After the ride Cat and I headed over to Suck Creek Road for trash pick-up. Yes.... We (The VeloVixens) have adopted a 2 miles stretch of road and will be doing trash pick-up 4 times a year. A good thing... I think. It's truly amazing the trash people throw out along side the road! Hopefully we will make a dent in it, but there are so many places we ride that trash is rampant. It makes me sad to see it.

I've included some pictures from the weekend for your viewing pleasure......

I'm off to get some rest......

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 145....Is Spring here yet?....

I know it's still January and supposed to be cold, but I'm tired of training in this crap! All this running and riding in the cold is for the birds! When Spring weather finally does get here....I'll welcome it with open arms.

Today I did an hour of strength/core, an hour in the pool and just finished up with my hour run. I'm feeling good (not great), but good....this is better than feeling crappy.....right? Last night I had about an hour on the trainer of what I can only describe as "pure hell". Carole had me doing intervals in zone 4...... yeah..... not exactly fun.

Well... I'm off to eat dinner now and rest up for tomorrow.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's not easy.....

It's not easy training for an Ironman in the middle of the freaking winter!

I knew there would be days like today and yesterday, but it really hit home today. I ended up completing just over half of the ride time I was scheduled for today (only completed 3.5 hours) due to temperatures in the teens and twenties. Since it was so cold I did most of this work-out on my trainer and ventured outside to meet a group around lunchtime (by this time it had warmed up to a balmy 27 degrees). There were only 4 of us. We questioned our sanity... as did everyone we passed on the road. Once I got home I removed my gloves and slowly warmed my fingertips to regain feeling. I've included a picture from today's ride..... compliments of Pat. Gotta love that face mask Dean was wearing!

Yesterday I rode out with a group and ended up with 3.5 hours. Fortunately.... the temperatures were in the mid to high 30's..... cold, but easier to deal with than today's temperatures and wind chill factor! When I got home from riding I quickly changed into running gear and headed out for my hour run. I am hopeful that next week the weather will be nicer than what mother nature struck us with this weekend.

Time to rest up for next week. It looks like it's gonna be a tough one as far as volume and intensity goes.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 139....

This evening Trey had to make me get on the trainer for my hour ride. I was making excuses about needing to do this and that..... Finally Trey said "you need to get your ride done..... get on the trainer now!". Reluctantly..... I did. Not sure why I'm so unmotivated today, but I'm glad I didn't skip that work-out. Later I would have felt as if I'd cheated myself.

Thanks Trey.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 135...... No Pain...No Gain!

No pain... no gain. That's what this whole week has been about. There were many moments this week in which I was determined my coach (Carole) was trying to break me! Here's the run down of the past couple of days:

Saturday I rode out with the guys for a 5.5 hour ride. Early in the ride I knew I would be struggling toward the end as my legs were not responding like normal on the climb up Montlake. I'm usually farther up in the pack on climbs, but not yesterday. Gee.... guess this is what happens when you are in your 3rd week of build and training in the upwards of 20 hours a week. Still yet..... not easy to swallow when I can usually glide up the mountain without heavy breathing. We rode on the top for a bit and descended on Henson Gap.....we then rolled through the Valley on the other side and our group split in two when the Suck Creek climb presented itself. Most of the group opted for the lesser mileage and climb up the mountain, but Chad and George faithfully went with me for the long haul. By the time we hit White side my legs were screaming in agony. I am feeling like a total slacker by now as Chad and George seem to be fresh! Finally we were done riding, but I was not done with my work-out for the day. I promtly got into my car drove home.....changed clothes.....sucked down some soup and drove to the gym for 1.5 hours in the pool. Good grief!.... was I EVER glad to get this over with. The rest of the evening I was worthless and non-conversational. Poor Trey.... he was so kind to me even though I'm sure he was not too happy about my lethargic behavior.

Sunday Trey and I woke up.... had some delicious pancakes and headed out for a trail run with a group. I was NOT looking forward to this as I was scheduled 2.45-3.00 of running! I feared my legs would do a repeat of yesterday, but as we warmed-up I was able to move better than I thought......sure I was tired and not at 100%, but I was glad to be moving at a decent pace. Once we got to the creek it was too full to I ended up on the low side of time needed to complete my workout. That was just fine too.... it met the requirement for the day! The legs don't feel as bad as I would have fact.... once we got home I jogged with Xian (my 4 year old) up and down the street. Xian is not your typical kid....he begs to go for jogs, ride his bike and hike. I am hopeful that Trey and I have had something to do with his excitement for these things. I've included some pictures from today above.

Guess what tomorrow is? It's an OFF DAY and the most of the week is reduced volume & intensity! I'm so exicited that I can hardly contain myself.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 132......I am thankful

Why am I thankful? I'm thankful for my wonderful husband who has put up with all this crazy training. He is supportive beyond words and always makes sure I have what I need to make this whole thing work. Thank-you for loving me and taking care of me. I am also thankful for my mom and dad who provide much needed babysitting so Trey can join me on occasion for a run and escape the madness.

Today ALMOST feels like an off day as I only have to ride for an hour. Isn't it sad when you are excited that you ONLY have to ride for an hour?! I'm planning to go home and hit the trainer since he weather is not looking good here. It's been raining since last night.

Yesterday I hit the gym for an hour of core, then went out for my hour run and hit the pool for an hour. Surprisingly.... I felt really good on the run. Not sure how fast I was running, but it felt fast....much faster than usual....which was hard to believe as I struggled on Tuesday when I hit the run after my bike.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day 128........damn I'm tired! get to know yourself really well on a long solo ride. This morning I got up and rode by my lonesome for 6 hours. When I left out the roads were pretty wet from the rain last night and earlier this morning and seemed to remain partially wet for the remainder of the day. The sun tried to peep out briefly, but didn't show itself for too long. My ride today included a ton of climbing and at minimum was a century as I left my house in North Chattanooga and ventured up to the land of Pikeville, TN. At one point I found myself talking to some cattle as I rode past them...... they looked at me like they were interested in what I had to say -or- thought I was crazy one! Today reminded me of Ironman Florida as the pain in my legs started to set in, but you just keep going. I assume this is why Carole wrote this into my schedule. Ironman is not easy either... and doing hard workout weeks should make things more manageable on race day. BUT... as I reminded me of what I'm in store for in April.

Yesterday I rode out with the boys for 3.5 hours. Rucks and I were the only two there on TT bikes. Part of the group slpit off and went longer, but I knew I was in for another long day today so I went with the 3.5 hour group. We climbed up Hwy 136 in Flintstone, GA and once we were on Lookout Mountain we took Lula Lake Road till we hit our descent. Gotta love climbing on a TT bike! I like riding with those guys as the company is always good and there are plenty of laughs to be had during the ride..... makes the miles go by faster. Once I got off the bike and was situated I went out for the scheduled 1:15 run. Boy....was I ever glad to get that over with!

Don't have another scheduled "off" day till the 14th! Next week is another "build" week and it looks brutal. I'll post an update in a couple of days.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 is here!

Well... the second annual Frosty Challenge was yesterday. There could not be better way to start the New Year like suffering with your friends in the wind and cold! Our 18 mile road bike to the trail head on top of the mountain was a bit slower than I would have liked, but we did not want to leave anyone behind. guy did get dropped anyways, but he went back to the car and so kindly came up the mountain to watch our bikes while we ran the trails. It seemed like the wind got worse as the day went on. Coming down the mountain we were getting side winds and I actually found myself pedaling on the descent! All the Chattanooga greats came out for this one.....Kevin Boucher, Herbert Krabel, John O'Brien & son, Jim Farmer, Matt Sims, Dan Miller, Chad Rucks.... to name a few. There were only Cat & I starting off, but Carol Farmer joined us for the trail run.... that made only 3 girls this year. Was last year so tough that it scared the gals away? I hope not... maybe next year there will be a higher female turn-out. I have posted a picture of part of the trail above. Big thanks to Trey and SCV'er Matt for all their help out there as well!

New Year's Eve I paced Cat for her 4 mile race (Karen Lawrence Race ). Starting off I had a goal time for her in my head of 40 minutes. Not only did she beat that goal time....She went under 39 minutes. What a great feeling to know that I helped someone achieve their goal! Congrats to you Cat on an awesome race. It was so cool to see you all pumped up afterwards! Not too bad for someone who just took up running. Above is a picture of Nik and I from the race.

Ah.... and today.... it was back to the pool for more abuse. I swam for over an hour... In fact... I swam a total distance of nearly 3 miles! Holy Crap.....! I hope this pays off big time at Ironman!