Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day 121.......

Well.... I ended up having to take antibiotics (again). Something nasty going around and of course it didn't help that I'm so prone to get bronchitis along with it. Today was the last day for taking it, but I have been getting in most of the work-outs scheduled.

Yesterday myself, Cat and Van went out for a 5 hour ride. Starting out of the driveway it was kinda cool, but the sun warmed things up to around 60 degrees. We did quite a bit of climbing and I rode the TT bike since the road bike is due a service by now.

Since it was raining today.....I waited till early afternoon to get in the 2.5 hour trail run. Luckily Nik came along and I had some company while out there. We do run different speeds, but it was still nice to know I wasn't out there alone and he'd be coming along if I fell or something. I think it was around 45-46 degrees on the mountain.

I'll try to post a report by New Year's Day evening of the goings on between now and then!

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