Monday, December 17, 2007

Day 108.... Rest Week is Here!!!!

Okay... maybe it's not really a rest week, but it's reduced volume and intensity..... atleast until Saturday and Sunday. No work-out today : )

Here's the short and skinny from the weekend:

Saturday consisted of a 4 hour bike with the guys. The ride included a climb up Suck Creek and back around through GA and then across the toe of Lookout to get home. Some really fast guys showed up and the pace was managable for most of the ride, but I did get yo-yoed off the back a few times on climbs. Still yet.... a good ride for me considering it was the 3rd week of build and my body was screaming for some rest.

Sunday a group of us hit the trail up at Prentice Cooper and ran the Pott Point loop. We braved out the 31 degree temperature and very windy conditions. There was actually some snow accumulation in areas and it flurried / snowed almost the whole run. The trail was not in top condition as the leaves were thick and there were several trees down along the way. Boy... was I ever glad to get this workout done after the fun-filled week of biking, running and swimming. I've included a couple of pictures from the run yesterday above.


WarKitty said...

The short and skinny of the weekend....

Doesn't that translate to "Dreama?"

*grinning, ducking and running*

Dreama said...

okay now!!!! : )