Thursday, December 13, 2007

Crazy weather!

Yesterday I ran with Joey and Michelle for almost an 1:30. Joey and I ran from my house and met Michelle at the trail head. The temperate was well above's the middle of December! It started raining on us (not too bad), but we did get wet. The way this weather has been bouncing back and forth from hot to cold will probably be a recipe for getting sick! At the end of my run I did strides for 10 seconds each x 4. I did feel some soreness throughout the run and afterwards from some new core/strength exercises introduced on Tuesday. Yikes.... I'm still a bit sore today!

After the run I went and spent an hour in the pool. Felt really stiff at first, but finally loosened up and felt like I had gotten into a rhythm.

Today I'm due for 1:20 on the trainer working on some drills and a core/strength session.

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