Saturday, November 24, 2007

A tough day

So today I was scheduled to ride 4-4 1/2 hours. The weather has gotten significantly cooler over the past few days (especially in the mornings). With this said I decided that riding with the guys at 8:30 this morning was out of the question for two reasons. 1. It was cold as hell 2. They were probably not going to cover the distance I needed to do.

I left from my house and went up Suck Creek (1st mountain). From there I rode through Dunalp and over Hwy 111 (second mountain). Once on top of the second mountain it started sleeting on me. Needless to say....I was pretty cold at this point and getting ready to descend the mountain. My fingers felt like they were frozen to the bone! I feared that I may not be able to brake going down at one point. This made me realize that I MIGHT need some better winter riding gloves! I stopped at a gas station at the bottom and gulped down some chocolate milk. Then I called Trey and told him it was sleeting and I was freezing. He agreed to pick me up on my way back in. I rode another 5-6 miles and here he came to the rescue! I was so glad to get in a warm car! When we got home I took a hot bath so my fingers could get feeling back. I'm feeling better now...thank-goodness.

Tomorrow is a 2+ hour trail run and some time in the pool. If I can survive this week.....I'll be that much tougher!!

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