Friday, November 30, 2007

A day off is in sight!

Well... it's Friday. The week is almost over. Of course there is still today, Saturday and Sunday's workouts to do.....and Monday is right around the corner! Today I'll put in an hour in the pool and 40mins running. Tomorrow is a 3+ hour bike ride followed by a core workout. Hopefully I'll get around to posting a report from the weekend as the Vixens are hosting a trail run on Sunday. Should have plenty of pictures from that too!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 87...Getting tougher

So.... things are ramping up. Volume, intensity.....etc....
Tonight I swam over 2 miles for my pool work-out. Geeze.... I can remember the good ole days when I'd go to the pool maybe once a week and swim for 20-30 minutes max without doing drills at all. Now I'm swimming 3-4 days a week for an hour minimum and all the work-outs include drills in some form or fashion. Not complaining....just looking back at then and makes me laugh. I actually feel really good today and it seems like the rest I got with the time off from work for Thanksgiving has left me somewhat refreshed and ready for the next challenge.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A tough day

So today I was scheduled to ride 4-4 1/2 hours. The weather has gotten significantly cooler over the past few days (especially in the mornings). With this said I decided that riding with the guys at 8:30 this morning was out of the question for two reasons. 1. It was cold as hell 2. They were probably not going to cover the distance I needed to do.

I left from my house and went up Suck Creek (1st mountain). From there I rode through Dunalp and over Hwy 111 (second mountain). Once on top of the second mountain it started sleeting on me. Needless to say....I was pretty cold at this point and getting ready to descend the mountain. My fingers felt like they were frozen to the bone! I feared that I may not be able to brake going down at one point. This made me realize that I MIGHT need some better winter riding gloves! I stopped at a gas station at the bottom and gulped down some chocolate milk. Then I called Trey and told him it was sleeting and I was freezing. He agreed to pick me up on my way back in. I rode another 5-6 miles and here he came to the rescue! I was so glad to get in a warm car! When we got home I took a hot bath so my fingers could get feeling back. I'm feeling better now...thank-goodness.

Tomorrow is a 2+ hour trail run and some time in the pool. If I can survive this week.....I'll be that much tougher!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 82....Half way through the week

Well.... today is Wednesday. The week is almost half over. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but I've still gotta put in a workout regardless. This morning Michelle and I ran the hills in the was nice and the pace was just right. I'll finish the workout day with an hour in the pool and an hour of core/strength training. I'm soooo sleeping in tomorrow morning!

So....yesterday I got the news that Michelle is definitely moving to Knoxville. Needless to say....I'm pretty down about this news, but I knew it was coming. I'm happy for her, but going to miss her more than she'll ever know. Not only have we become the best of friends...... We make a pretty good little training team. I am thankful for her friendship here or in Knoxville.... it's all still good.

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and all I'd like to make a list of all the things I'm thankful for:

*A husband who is supportive beyond words and makes sacrifices that allow me to follow my dreams
*Family (especially a mom and dad who are supportive of me)
*Friends (especially those I've met through running, riding and so forth)
*All my fury little friends (Corey, Shazzam and Mommy Kitty)
*Good health
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 79 What a beautiful day!

Wow! What a weekend!

Yesterday I rode with Cat and the boys. We did a long ride up Suck Creek and then came back Mullen's Cove Road (a.k.a 1,000 dog road). I wasn't feeling quite as strong as I would have liked, but I blame that on being sick with bronchitis for over a week. Perhaps this caused me to "loose" some fitness....who knows.

Today I rode again with Cat and the boys. Monica and Trey came along for this one too. This time we ventured off road. Only my 2nd or 3rd time on the mountain bike. I did see some huge improvements over the last time on the trail that's good. Our total time out there was 2:45. That's a long time for me on a mountain bike! Afterwards I drug Cat out with me for a 40 min trail run. Amazingly... I felt damn good for some strange reason. This afternoon I went and spent an hour at the pool to top the weekend off.
Ever hear the saying "a picture is worth 1,000 words"? The picture above is our friend Pat after his wreck on the trail. To his credit.....others wrecked here too. After I witnessed the wrecks...I decided I'd just push up this rock.

I've peeped at next week's schedule and I must say it looks pretty stout. I'm not complaining.....I'll make it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 76...feeling good

Well.... it's the 76th offical day of IM training. I'm feeling pretty good this week so far. Last night I did a little run and 45 mins in the pool. Recovery from being sick is going better than I I can't complain. Tonight I'm doing a little over an hour on the bike. Brrr.... it's cold and windy out there too! Looking forward to this weekend as I'll be riding with Cat and the boys. We are going down the 1,000 dog road along the base of Suck Creek Mountain..... I'll make sure to post a full report on that!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Back on track!

Okay! I'm done with the antibiotics, feeling much better and now more settled into the new home! Wow. The last couple of weeks have been a blur! Today is the first day I've felt any type of normalcy in a while.

The new home is so nice. It was the right thing to do for us and the kids. Having a playroom/den is awesome as the kids aren't right in our face all the time. We love them, but sometimes it can get a little crazy if you can't have your space. Another added plus is the new neighborhood is perfect for my cats.

After work I'm planning a little swim. Stay tuned for progress.......

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 67.....Forced Time Off

Okay..... we are all moved into the new house. I lost a few days of training during the whole move as I came down with bronchitis. Guess my immune system was run down due to heavy training schedule, moving, busy work schedule and lack of sleep. Good news is that I'm on the up of things and on day 5 of antibiotics.

Today I am slated for an hour bike and 40 minute run. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully I'll be ready to start back full blast.