Monday, October 8, 2007

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger

Ahhhh...... an off day today. Sweet.

Last week was a tough one. Lots of swimming and biking. The volume and intensity both higher than any of the previous weeks. Running volume not much higher, but harder for sure. Saturday I rode the Sequatchie Valley Century (metric option) with the boys. Ride time was just under 3 hours. I was a bit tired from the training through the week, but made it just fine. After biking I went for an hour of swimming then woke up the next morning and did a 2 hour trail run! This week is supposed to be an easy week.... ha ha....yeah right.... I've already looked at the schedule. It's pretty light for Tuesday and Wednesday and then right back to normal. I've got two back to back days of cycling for 2.5 hours.....This does not even include the running and swimming on those days!

What does not kill me....will make me stronger..... right? will be cool to compare fitness now to the fitness level in April 08'...... If I'm still kicking...... : )

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