Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 59....Faster.....Faster

So Yesterday I ran the Big Daddy loop (trails on Lookout Mtn) FASTER than I have ever done it in my life! My fastest time out there had been 2 hours 30 minutes. Yesterday I ran it in 1 hour 56 minutes! WOW I was pretty amazed that my body was able to do this! It's all coming together..... FINALLY. Maybe there is hope afterall.... and my running is taking a turn for the better! It's days like yesterday when you start thinking to yourself "maybe all this crazy stuff my coach has me doing is paying off". Well....if that's the case....I'm gonna be strong as an OX...cause I'm sticking with the plan. And thanks to Joey for pushing me along and the words of encouragement!

Saturday I rode with the Vixens. It was me, Cat, Karen, Aimee and Kim. It was nice to have them along for the ride and catch up on the latest. I feel so lucky to have a group of women to ride with during my Ironman training. Thanks girls.

Well... this week is going to be a busy one as I am closing on a new home today, moving all this week, working and training! I'm gonna be a walking Zombie by the end of the week!

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