Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 55.....The Need for Speed!

Well.... things seem to be coming together. Yesterday I put in an hour of core training, an hour in the pool and a little over an hour running.

Joey came over and ran with me. He made me wear the heart rate monitor. I hate wearing those damn things because my heart rate is typically 10-15 beats higher than the average Joe and I've developed a complex about this. Anyways... on to the run..... We take off and warm-up for the first 10-15 minutes and then it was on. Joey pushed me hard and I was able to do it amazingly. He kept looking at his watch saying "7:20 mile, 7:30 mile, sub 7:20 mile". The whole time I'm thinking "crap.....I haven't run this fast in over a year! I'm probably gonna die in a minute.". I didn't though. I'm still here and not even sore from the run. Now the core workout is a different story. It's nice to know I've got friends who can push me along! Thanks Joey.

Today I had an hour bike on the books. A much lighter day than yesterday. I took off from the house. Anyone who knows where I live can tell you that it's a straight up a major hill to get anywhere. I breezed right up that hill today and my legs felt really good. The longer I went the faster I felt.... very strange feeling..... but a very good feeling nonetheless.

Tomorrow I am scheduled a core workout, swim and run. Then the weekend is calling for a 3 hour ride, 2 hour run and a swim. Looks like I'll have some good company for Saturday's ride. Cat is gonna ride out with me that morning. I'll be nice to catch-up on gossip and have our bitch sessions. Better than going to a shrink!

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WarKitty said...

That's what I'm here for:-D

Did 2 hrs with Dean, Elwood and Jimbo (don't think you've met him) this morning. Tomorrow I think rather than running I'll do a very long dog walk with the mutts. My legs feel pretty good, but worn if you know what I mean.