Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 52.... I'm still alive!

Wow. It's been insanely busy for me the past 2 weeks or so! Work, personal, training and so forth have all decided to rear their ugly heads in sync. Where shall I start?

I had a work trip scheduled for Oct. 11th - 13th in Tunica, MS (the cotton field capital of the universe). So... Thursday morning Trey and I get up early so we make it there for his tee time. Yes... that's right... I volunteered him to play with my co-workers and vendor reps since I am no golfer at all. We arrived there with an hour or so to spare. I sent Trey on his way and I jumped on the bike for a 3.5 hour ride. Needless to say... I saw ALL of Tunica from downtown to Tunica Lake to the Riverpark and Miss. River. Flat as hell there too with quite a head wind. I did find a great place to swim while out on the bike that day.... so I was pumped. The next day I was due for a an hour run and hour swim. When I got out of meetings that afternoon Trey and I headed out the the Riverpark for the run. Luckily we were able to hop on some trails for part of this. After the run we drove over to the Aquatic Center I found the day before while on the bike and I got my swim in. Saturday we decided to leave after my meetings so I was able to pull off a quick hour spin on the trainer between meetings. Sunday was back to normal in good ole Chattanooga. So I resumed to training as I normally would.

Last week was also insanely busy as I had a few large bids due and the training schedule did not ease up either, but somehow I did it.

Yesterday I had an awesome 2 hour trail run and finally feel stronger running. I was able to push the pace a few times.... that made me feel good about myself! And at the end I felt stronger than when I started the run.

Today is a light day with only core workout stuff, but the rest of the week is a different story.

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