Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 61.....Happy Halloween!

Well.... it's been a pretty good Halloween....even given the fact that I was at home all day with a sick child. I was able to get a 50 minute run in this morning with some friends (Michelle, Richard, Cathi, Nik and Charlene). They were all meeting this morning at 6am for a run through a nearby graveyard (since it was Halloween and all). I came home and bathed and went back to bed as my tummy was a bit upset. Later today I managed to get in a good core workout followed by an hour in the pool. Good stuff. It was nice to catch up on some needed rest.

I'm slated for an hour and 10 minutes on the bike tomorrow and I might try to squeeze Friday's swim in there too so it'll give me more time for moving things to the new house Friday night. If I can get through this week I'll feel as if a ton of bricks have been lifted from my shoulders!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 59....Faster.....Faster

So Yesterday I ran the Big Daddy loop (trails on Lookout Mtn) FASTER than I have ever done it in my life! My fastest time out there had been 2 hours 30 minutes. Yesterday I ran it in 1 hour 56 minutes! WOW I was pretty amazed that my body was able to do this! It's all coming together..... FINALLY. Maybe there is hope afterall.... and my running is taking a turn for the better! It's days like yesterday when you start thinking to yourself "maybe all this crazy stuff my coach has me doing is paying off". Well....if that's the case....I'm gonna be strong as an OX...cause I'm sticking with the plan. And thanks to Joey for pushing me along and the words of encouragement!

Saturday I rode with the Vixens. It was me, Cat, Karen, Aimee and Kim. It was nice to have them along for the ride and catch up on the latest. I feel so lucky to have a group of women to ride with during my Ironman training. Thanks girls.

Well... this week is going to be a busy one as I am closing on a new home today, moving all this week, working and training! I'm gonna be a walking Zombie by the end of the week!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 55.....The Need for Speed!

Well.... things seem to be coming together. Yesterday I put in an hour of core training, an hour in the pool and a little over an hour running.

Joey came over and ran with me. He made me wear the heart rate monitor. I hate wearing those damn things because my heart rate is typically 10-15 beats higher than the average Joe and I've developed a complex about this. Anyways... on to the run..... We take off and warm-up for the first 10-15 minutes and then it was on. Joey pushed me hard and I was able to do it amazingly. He kept looking at his watch saying "7:20 mile, 7:30 mile, sub 7:20 mile". The whole time I'm thinking "crap.....I haven't run this fast in over a year! I'm probably gonna die in a minute.". I didn't though. I'm still here and not even sore from the run. Now the core workout is a different story. It's nice to know I've got friends who can push me along! Thanks Joey.

Today I had an hour bike on the books. A much lighter day than yesterday. I took off from the house. Anyone who knows where I live can tell you that it's a straight up a major hill to get anywhere. I breezed right up that hill today and my legs felt really good. The longer I went the faster I felt.... very strange feeling..... but a very good feeling nonetheless.

Tomorrow I am scheduled a core workout, swim and run. Then the weekend is calling for a 3 hour ride, 2 hour run and a swim. Looks like I'll have some good company for Saturday's ride. Cat is gonna ride out with me that morning. I'll be nice to catch-up on gossip and have our bitch sessions. Better than going to a shrink!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 52.... I'm still alive!

Wow. It's been insanely busy for me the past 2 weeks or so! Work, personal, training and so forth have all decided to rear their ugly heads in sync. Where shall I start?

I had a work trip scheduled for Oct. 11th - 13th in Tunica, MS (the cotton field capital of the universe). So... Thursday morning Trey and I get up early so we make it there for his tee time. Yes... that's right... I volunteered him to play with my co-workers and vendor reps since I am no golfer at all. We arrived there with an hour or so to spare. I sent Trey on his way and I jumped on the bike for a 3.5 hour ride. Needless to say... I saw ALL of Tunica from downtown to Tunica Lake to the Riverpark and Miss. River. Flat as hell there too with quite a head wind. I did find a great place to swim while out on the bike that day.... so I was pumped. The next day I was due for a an hour run and hour swim. When I got out of meetings that afternoon Trey and I headed out the the Riverpark for the run. Luckily we were able to hop on some trails for part of this. After the run we drove over to the Aquatic Center I found the day before while on the bike and I got my swim in. Saturday we decided to leave after my meetings so I was able to pull off a quick hour spin on the trainer between meetings. Sunday was back to normal in good ole Chattanooga. So I resumed to training as I normally would.

Last week was also insanely busy as I had a few large bids due and the training schedule did not ease up either, but somehow I did it.

Yesterday I had an awesome 2 hour trail run and finally feel stronger running. I was able to push the pace a few times.... that made me feel good about myself! And at the end I felt stronger than when I started the run.

Today is a light day with only core workout stuff, but the rest of the week is a different story.

Monday, October 8, 2007

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger

Ahhhh...... an off day today. Sweet.

Last week was a tough one. Lots of swimming and biking. The volume and intensity both higher than any of the previous weeks. Running volume not much higher, but harder for sure. Saturday I rode the Sequatchie Valley Century (metric option) with the boys. Ride time was just under 3 hours. I was a bit tired from the training through the week, but made it just fine. After biking I went for an hour of swimming then woke up the next morning and did a 2 hour trail run! This week is supposed to be an easy week.... ha ha....yeah right.... I've already looked at the schedule. It's pretty light for Tuesday and Wednesday and then right back to normal. I've got two back to back days of cycling for 2.5 hours.....This does not even include the running and swimming on those days!

What does not kill me....will make me stronger..... right? will be cool to compare fitness now to the fitness level in April 08'...... If I'm still kicking...... : )