Monday, September 24, 2007

Atomic Man 1/2 Iron - day 23 of training

Well.... it finally happened. I DID NOT finish my first race. I guess it happens to everyone at some point, but I was not prepared for this today.

I started the swim and immediately thought...."this does not feel right today....what's going on?" No matter what I could not get comfortable in the water the whole first 1/2 of the swim. I come out of the water in 33:50 something.

I start the bike feeling better now that the swim is over. I'm passing everyone for quite a while. Right out of transition I pass fellow teammate Aimee and then about 3 miles later I pass fellow teammate Jennifer. I seemed to be chugging along pretty well on the bike and at all the turn arounds I had built a very nice lead on numerous girls. I did refuel with water and Heed. The Heed was so tasty to me I was gulping it down. Maybe not such a good idea for later I find out. This was a very hilly bike course by the way. It would rate as an 8 on a scale of 1-10 for triathlon races. I get off the bike and Joey is at the transition area. He is amazed at the lead I've gained at this point. My bike split is 2:56.

I head out onto the run course...... immediately not feeling so hot. At first I'm thinking.... "'ll get acclimated in a's just hot out here". Not the case. I get slower and slower. Next thing I know I'm off in the woods vomiting..... then off to the woods again with diarrhea. This goes on a couple more times during the run. Aimee passes me somewhere around the 4 mile point and goes on to finish 3rd overall female! I get to the mile 7 point and decide it's time to walk back to the finish line and call it quits. My body could not perform and I was getting sicker by the minute. I for the life of me could not figure out what had brought this on. It had NEVER happened to me before. Then I thought "the must have been the Heed".

Today I am thinking it may not have been the Heed as I spent the whole day at home and did not even go into work. This could have possibly been a stomach bug. I am feeling better this evening and hoping tomorrow will be a better day because the training must go on.