Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day 30

Day 30 of training. Today I finished up a fairly big training weekend. Surprisingly... I feel pretty darn good! After running for just over 2 hours today on trails with Joey, Cathi & Sergio.... Trey and I felt up for a little mountain biking. We rode around for nearly an hour after our run. After we picked up the kids... we went to the pool and I finished up my last pool work-out while they played in the other pool.

Tomorrow is a scheduled "off" day. I am looking forward to some down time and rest! I did look at October's training schedule and it appears things will be ramping up a bit. That's okay though.... I am sticking with it! : ) NO pain NO gain!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 27

Well... it's day 27 of training! Things seem to be coming together. Last night I trail ran for an hour and a half and kept it easy aerobic for the most part (as I was advised by coach Carole). Today was going to be an "off" day, but I've got to make up for Monday since I missed the swim workout due to a stomach bug.......SO I'll be logging in an hour or so in the pool today!

This weekend is a BIG workout weekend! I'll let you know how that goes!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Atomic Man 1/2 Iron - day 23 of training

Well.... it finally happened. I DID NOT finish my first race. I guess it happens to everyone at some point, but I was not prepared for this today.

I started the swim and immediately thought...."this does not feel right today....what's going on?" No matter what I could not get comfortable in the water the whole first 1/2 of the swim. I come out of the water in 33:50 something.

I start the bike feeling better now that the swim is over. I'm passing everyone for quite a while. Right out of transition I pass fellow teammate Aimee and then about 3 miles later I pass fellow teammate Jennifer. I seemed to be chugging along pretty well on the bike and at all the turn arounds I had built a very nice lead on numerous girls. I did refuel with water and Heed. The Heed was so tasty to me I was gulping it down. Maybe not such a good idea for later I find out. This was a very hilly bike course by the way. It would rate as an 8 on a scale of 1-10 for triathlon races. I get off the bike and Joey is at the transition area. He is amazed at the lead I've gained at this point. My bike split is 2:56.

I head out onto the run course...... immediately not feeling so hot. At first I'm thinking.... "'ll get acclimated in a's just hot out here". Not the case. I get slower and slower. Next thing I know I'm off in the woods vomiting..... then off to the woods again with diarrhea. This goes on a couple more times during the run. Aimee passes me somewhere around the 4 mile point and goes on to finish 3rd overall female! I get to the mile 7 point and decide it's time to walk back to the finish line and call it quits. My body could not perform and I was getting sicker by the minute. I for the life of me could not figure out what had brought this on. It had NEVER happened to me before. Then I thought "the must have been the Heed".

Today I am thinking it may not have been the Heed as I spent the whole day at home and did not even go into work. This could have possibly been a stomach bug. I am feeling better this evening and hoping tomorrow will be a better day because the training must go on.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 19

Okay... it's day 19 of training. This week has been a light week....which has been nice. Monday was suppossed to be an off day for me, but I could not resist the urge to take the new mountain bike out for a spin on Raccoon Mountain. I rode all by myself and it was quite challenging for me. By the end of the ride I was feeling much more confident and had picked up my speed a good bit. The day before (Sunday) Trey and ran trails for nearly 2 hours and after our run we rode the mountain bikes together for about 45 minutes to test them out. It was fun! Well I'm off to get in my run for the day.......

This Sunday is the Atomic Man 1/2 Iron! Wish me luck!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Day 14 of Ironman Training

Ahhh.... I'm still kicking! It's day 14 of IM training with a coach. I'm not going to lie..... it's been tough. This morning I went out in the dark with rain coming down and ran for nearly an hour....I will finish the day with an hour in the pool doing drills and so forth. It's gonna feel great to finish up with the last workout today....because... tomorrow is a scheduled "off" day! I have done more swimming in the past couple of weeks than the rest of the year. My legs are starting to wake up and respond some to the increased mileage and new drills they've been exposed to.

I'm trying to make a conscious effort to make healthier food choices as well. It about killed my last weekend when Trey ordered Cheesecake for dessert and I ordered none : (

I'll try and keep this updated.... between workouts!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

1st Week of IM Training With a Coach

Well.... I've started my IM training as of Sept. 1. I don't think my body was quite ready, but it does seem to be adjusting okay. Basically the swimming has quadrupled in comparision to what I was doing before, running has doubled and biking is sligthly more. I am trying to get more sleep in as I know it'll be important to rest for recovery purposes.

My new coach (Carole Sharpless) knows what she is doing and I will do whatever she tells me in order to have my absolute best IM at Arizona.

I'll try harder to post more on here as the training moves forward.