Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday July 29th

Ran trails today with friends. At the halfway point we swam. The "Green Hole" we normally swim in was way up from normal as we have had some serious rain in the area. There was quite a little current running and the water was not the usual crystal clear. My running is so far from where it was last year! It's truly discouraging at times! We ended up with 10 miles total.

Yesterday I did miss my 70 mile bike ride as it was pouring outside accompanied by thunder and lighting! Oh well.... at least I got some household chores and improvements finished up!

I will get back on a regualr training schedule very very soon. My serious training will start on Sept 1 with Carole Sharpless. Hope it pays off for IM Arizona!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday morning change of plans

Woke up this morning for the usual Tuesday morning run. Phone rings..... it's my dad.... he is crying and tells me my grandmother passed away early this morning. Needless to say.... I was not really in the mood to pound the pavement after receiving this news. Wow. I can't believe she is really gone. I spent hours with her yesterday and knew she was not doing well, but it just did not seem like she'd go that quickly. She was in sound mind and knew what was going on around her. We had regular conversations and she ask me alot about Gage and Xian. Before I left her I told her I'd be back to see her tomorrow.... I did not realize she's already be gone when tomorrow came. It's like she had lost all will to live and accepted her fate. She was weak, tired and ready to go.

I may end up going for a ride or run later today just to clear my head out.