Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day 121.......

Well.... I ended up having to take antibiotics (again). Something nasty going around and of course it didn't help that I'm so prone to get bronchitis along with it. Today was the last day for taking it, but I have been getting in most of the work-outs scheduled.

Yesterday myself, Cat and Van went out for a 5 hour ride. Starting out of the driveway it was kinda cool, but the sun warmed things up to around 60 degrees. We did quite a bit of climbing and I rode the TT bike since the road bike is due a service by now.

Since it was raining today.....I waited till early afternoon to get in the 2.5 hour trail run. Luckily Nik came along and I had some company while out there. We do run different speeds, but it was still nice to know I wasn't out there alone and he'd be coming along if I fell or something. I think it was around 45-46 degrees on the mountain.

I'll try to post a report by New Year's Day evening of the goings on between now and then!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merrry Christmas!

Woke up this morning not feeling so great....Sore throat and congestion. I felt fine yesterday. Makes me wonder if the bronchitis is creeping back up on me. Decided to proceed with the training and do an easy bike ride with Cat and my dad. Wow.... hardly any traffic out. That was nice for a change. Cold and overcast..... actually ended up raining somewhere around 1:00-2:00 this afternoon. Was also due a 50 minute run, but considering I've been feeling progressively worse all day.... I opted to not do the run in the cold rain. Hopefully whatever this is that I've got will go away quickly.

It's been a busy past few days as far as the training schedule goes. Some of the more crazy things include:

*Friday's 4.5 hour ride with Rick. We went up Hwy 136 on the Dade County side and came back down Scenic Hwy. Both of us rode from our houses in North Chattanooga.

*Saturday's 4 hour ride with Cat, Anna and the No Knuckle Heads. After that one I ran for an hour afterwards. My legs felt like a Mack Truck ran over them that night! Riding back to back long days is tough enough and throwing in a run on top of it was pure torcher! I'm sure Coach Carole knows what she is doing though.

Pictures above show how we were in the "holiday spirit" for our ride on Saturday.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mental toughness.....

I am determined that mental toughness is key to staying focused on the big goal. There are days....much like today (rainy and cold)....that skipping out on the scheduled work-outs would be so easy to do, but instead I keep going. I'm going to follow through with this and have the best Ironman that I can possibly have......or die trying : )
I am also convinced that ones level of mental toughness defines who they are and where they are going.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Day 108.... Rest Week is Here!!!!

Okay... maybe it's not really a rest week, but it's reduced volume and intensity..... atleast until Saturday and Sunday. No work-out today : )

Here's the short and skinny from the weekend:

Saturday consisted of a 4 hour bike with the guys. The ride included a climb up Suck Creek and back around through GA and then across the toe of Lookout to get home. Some really fast guys showed up and the pace was managable for most of the ride, but I did get yo-yoed off the back a few times on climbs. Still yet.... a good ride for me considering it was the 3rd week of build and my body was screaming for some rest.

Sunday a group of us hit the trail up at Prentice Cooper and ran the Pott Point loop. We braved out the 31 degree temperature and very windy conditions. There was actually some snow accumulation in areas and it flurried / snowed almost the whole run. The trail was not in top condition as the leaves were thick and there were several trees down along the way. Boy... was I ever glad to get this workout done after the fun-filled week of biking, running and swimming. I've included a couple of pictures from the run yesterday above.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Crazy weather!

Yesterday I ran with Joey and Michelle for almost an 1:30. Joey and I ran from my house and met Michelle at the trail head. The temperate was well above's the middle of December! It started raining on us (not too bad), but we did get wet. The way this weather has been bouncing back and forth from hot to cold will probably be a recipe for getting sick! At the end of my run I did strides for 10 seconds each x 4. I did feel some soreness throughout the run and afterwards from some new core/strength exercises introduced on Tuesday. Yikes.... I'm still a bit sore today!

After the run I went and spent an hour in the pool. Felt really stiff at first, but finally loosened up and felt like I had gotten into a rhythm.

Today I'm due for 1:20 on the trainer working on some drills and a core/strength session.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Day 101..... seeing results....

Well... just now getting around to posting up a weekend report. Saturday's ride went better than I had anticipated. I figured my body would be tired from the heavy training week and the Friday swim and run, but for some strange reason I felt quite fresh for most of the ride. We had a nice group of 30 or so riders heading out.... some opted to turn around early as it is winter training for most and volume and intensity is lower....Then there were the rest of us left to brave out a 5 hour ride. We did run into some rain on top of the mountain, but fortunately the warm temperature made it tolerable. I met some new people on the ride and enjoyed having the company out there.

Sunday I was due a run, but opted to swap my off day on Monday for Sunday since there were some chores to do. So.... I got my run in after work this afternoon. Ever feel like you are "gliding" while running? That's the way I felt today. Man.... I do love the days it feels so easy and hate the days where I feel as if I can't get into a groove. My legs felt fresh and fast.

Lately I feel like I've been seeing some big results from the endless hours of training. More endurance, more speed and a better outlook on where I'm going with all this.

This week is another stout week of training....bring it on....

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day 97.....

So... it's Thursday. Yesterday I swam for an hour, ran an hour and did an little core/strength training followed by some stretching. Swimming last night was tough for some reason.... didn't feel like I was in a "groove" w/ my stroke. I'm only scheduled for a bike on the indoor trainer for a little over an hour and a bit more core/strength training. I'm trying to incorporate more stretching at this point as the biking and running are both seemingly increasing.

So.... this weekend is another "typical" training weekend. Saturday is a 3:30 bike and 1:30 swim. Sunday is a 2:30 run.....I'll post a report on Sunday.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Day 93....

Well.... the weekend is almost over and I must say that it's been a busy one.

Saturday Cat and I rode with the boys (not the usual No Kucklehead group). We were planning to ride 3 hours and ended up riding 5 hours. Partially b/c the ride lasted longer than we expected and partially b/c they dropped us and another guy somewhere in Georgia on a road called Marbletop. Cat was able to get us back home....even if it wasn't the shortest route we could have gone. I'm just happy she figured out where we were finally!

Sunday we (the Vixens) hosted a 2 hour trail run on the Cumberland trail. We had a nice group of about 18-19 people show. The segment we ran was the Possum Creek segment and is the hardest trail in these parts. if you do the whole trail out and back (20 miles) you will have easily climbed over 5,000 feet in elevation. The trail was in pretty good shape even though most of the leaves have already fallen. I think it's safe to say most everyone had a good time and enjoyed being out there. I've included a couple of pictures from the run above. Here is a link to the map and trail description:

Tomorrow is that long awaited "off" day I've been looking forward to! Then it looks like things are back to business as usual! I'm off to do my core work-out to make things complete for this week!

Friday, November 30, 2007

A day off is in sight!

Well... it's Friday. The week is almost over. Of course there is still today, Saturday and Sunday's workouts to do.....and Monday is right around the corner! Today I'll put in an hour in the pool and 40mins running. Tomorrow is a 3+ hour bike ride followed by a core workout. Hopefully I'll get around to posting a report from the weekend as the Vixens are hosting a trail run on Sunday. Should have plenty of pictures from that too!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 87...Getting tougher

So.... things are ramping up. Volume, intensity.....etc....
Tonight I swam over 2 miles for my pool work-out. Geeze.... I can remember the good ole days when I'd go to the pool maybe once a week and swim for 20-30 minutes max without doing drills at all. Now I'm swimming 3-4 days a week for an hour minimum and all the work-outs include drills in some form or fashion. Not complaining....just looking back at then and makes me laugh. I actually feel really good today and it seems like the rest I got with the time off from work for Thanksgiving has left me somewhat refreshed and ready for the next challenge.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A tough day

So today I was scheduled to ride 4-4 1/2 hours. The weather has gotten significantly cooler over the past few days (especially in the mornings). With this said I decided that riding with the guys at 8:30 this morning was out of the question for two reasons. 1. It was cold as hell 2. They were probably not going to cover the distance I needed to do.

I left from my house and went up Suck Creek (1st mountain). From there I rode through Dunalp and over Hwy 111 (second mountain). Once on top of the second mountain it started sleeting on me. Needless to say....I was pretty cold at this point and getting ready to descend the mountain. My fingers felt like they were frozen to the bone! I feared that I may not be able to brake going down at one point. This made me realize that I MIGHT need some better winter riding gloves! I stopped at a gas station at the bottom and gulped down some chocolate milk. Then I called Trey and told him it was sleeting and I was freezing. He agreed to pick me up on my way back in. I rode another 5-6 miles and here he came to the rescue! I was so glad to get in a warm car! When we got home I took a hot bath so my fingers could get feeling back. I'm feeling better now...thank-goodness.

Tomorrow is a 2+ hour trail run and some time in the pool. If I can survive this week.....I'll be that much tougher!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 82....Half way through the week

Well.... today is Wednesday. The week is almost half over. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but I've still gotta put in a workout regardless. This morning Michelle and I ran the hills in the was nice and the pace was just right. I'll finish the workout day with an hour in the pool and an hour of core/strength training. I'm soooo sleeping in tomorrow morning!

So....yesterday I got the news that Michelle is definitely moving to Knoxville. Needless to say....I'm pretty down about this news, but I knew it was coming. I'm happy for her, but going to miss her more than she'll ever know. Not only have we become the best of friends...... We make a pretty good little training team. I am thankful for her friendship here or in Knoxville.... it's all still good.

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and all I'd like to make a list of all the things I'm thankful for:

*A husband who is supportive beyond words and makes sacrifices that allow me to follow my dreams
*Family (especially a mom and dad who are supportive of me)
*Friends (especially those I've met through running, riding and so forth)
*All my fury little friends (Corey, Shazzam and Mommy Kitty)
*Good health
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 79 What a beautiful day!

Wow! What a weekend!

Yesterday I rode with Cat and the boys. We did a long ride up Suck Creek and then came back Mullen's Cove Road (a.k.a 1,000 dog road). I wasn't feeling quite as strong as I would have liked, but I blame that on being sick with bronchitis for over a week. Perhaps this caused me to "loose" some fitness....who knows.

Today I rode again with Cat and the boys. Monica and Trey came along for this one too. This time we ventured off road. Only my 2nd or 3rd time on the mountain bike. I did see some huge improvements over the last time on the trail that's good. Our total time out there was 2:45. That's a long time for me on a mountain bike! Afterwards I drug Cat out with me for a 40 min trail run. Amazingly... I felt damn good for some strange reason. This afternoon I went and spent an hour at the pool to top the weekend off.
Ever hear the saying "a picture is worth 1,000 words"? The picture above is our friend Pat after his wreck on the trail. To his credit.....others wrecked here too. After I witnessed the wrecks...I decided I'd just push up this rock.

I've peeped at next week's schedule and I must say it looks pretty stout. I'm not complaining.....I'll make it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 76...feeling good

Well.... it's the 76th offical day of IM training. I'm feeling pretty good this week so far. Last night I did a little run and 45 mins in the pool. Recovery from being sick is going better than I I can't complain. Tonight I'm doing a little over an hour on the bike. Brrr.... it's cold and windy out there too! Looking forward to this weekend as I'll be riding with Cat and the boys. We are going down the 1,000 dog road along the base of Suck Creek Mountain..... I'll make sure to post a full report on that!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Back on track!

Okay! I'm done with the antibiotics, feeling much better and now more settled into the new home! Wow. The last couple of weeks have been a blur! Today is the first day I've felt any type of normalcy in a while.

The new home is so nice. It was the right thing to do for us and the kids. Having a playroom/den is awesome as the kids aren't right in our face all the time. We love them, but sometimes it can get a little crazy if you can't have your space. Another added plus is the new neighborhood is perfect for my cats.

After work I'm planning a little swim. Stay tuned for progress.......

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 67.....Forced Time Off

Okay..... we are all moved into the new house. I lost a few days of training during the whole move as I came down with bronchitis. Guess my immune system was run down due to heavy training schedule, moving, busy work schedule and lack of sleep. Good news is that I'm on the up of things and on day 5 of antibiotics.

Today I am slated for an hour bike and 40 minute run. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully I'll be ready to start back full blast.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 61.....Happy Halloween!

Well.... it's been a pretty good Halloween....even given the fact that I was at home all day with a sick child. I was able to get a 50 minute run in this morning with some friends (Michelle, Richard, Cathi, Nik and Charlene). They were all meeting this morning at 6am for a run through a nearby graveyard (since it was Halloween and all). I came home and bathed and went back to bed as my tummy was a bit upset. Later today I managed to get in a good core workout followed by an hour in the pool. Good stuff. It was nice to catch up on some needed rest.

I'm slated for an hour and 10 minutes on the bike tomorrow and I might try to squeeze Friday's swim in there too so it'll give me more time for moving things to the new house Friday night. If I can get through this week I'll feel as if a ton of bricks have been lifted from my shoulders!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 59....Faster.....Faster

So Yesterday I ran the Big Daddy loop (trails on Lookout Mtn) FASTER than I have ever done it in my life! My fastest time out there had been 2 hours 30 minutes. Yesterday I ran it in 1 hour 56 minutes! WOW I was pretty amazed that my body was able to do this! It's all coming together..... FINALLY. Maybe there is hope afterall.... and my running is taking a turn for the better! It's days like yesterday when you start thinking to yourself "maybe all this crazy stuff my coach has me doing is paying off". Well....if that's the case....I'm gonna be strong as an OX...cause I'm sticking with the plan. And thanks to Joey for pushing me along and the words of encouragement!

Saturday I rode with the Vixens. It was me, Cat, Karen, Aimee and Kim. It was nice to have them along for the ride and catch up on the latest. I feel so lucky to have a group of women to ride with during my Ironman training. Thanks girls.

Well... this week is going to be a busy one as I am closing on a new home today, moving all this week, working and training! I'm gonna be a walking Zombie by the end of the week!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 55.....The Need for Speed!

Well.... things seem to be coming together. Yesterday I put in an hour of core training, an hour in the pool and a little over an hour running.

Joey came over and ran with me. He made me wear the heart rate monitor. I hate wearing those damn things because my heart rate is typically 10-15 beats higher than the average Joe and I've developed a complex about this. Anyways... on to the run..... We take off and warm-up for the first 10-15 minutes and then it was on. Joey pushed me hard and I was able to do it amazingly. He kept looking at his watch saying "7:20 mile, 7:30 mile, sub 7:20 mile". The whole time I'm thinking "crap.....I haven't run this fast in over a year! I'm probably gonna die in a minute.". I didn't though. I'm still here and not even sore from the run. Now the core workout is a different story. It's nice to know I've got friends who can push me along! Thanks Joey.

Today I had an hour bike on the books. A much lighter day than yesterday. I took off from the house. Anyone who knows where I live can tell you that it's a straight up a major hill to get anywhere. I breezed right up that hill today and my legs felt really good. The longer I went the faster I felt.... very strange feeling..... but a very good feeling nonetheless.

Tomorrow I am scheduled a core workout, swim and run. Then the weekend is calling for a 3 hour ride, 2 hour run and a swim. Looks like I'll have some good company for Saturday's ride. Cat is gonna ride out with me that morning. I'll be nice to catch-up on gossip and have our bitch sessions. Better than going to a shrink!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 52.... I'm still alive!

Wow. It's been insanely busy for me the past 2 weeks or so! Work, personal, training and so forth have all decided to rear their ugly heads in sync. Where shall I start?

I had a work trip scheduled for Oct. 11th - 13th in Tunica, MS (the cotton field capital of the universe). So... Thursday morning Trey and I get up early so we make it there for his tee time. Yes... that's right... I volunteered him to play with my co-workers and vendor reps since I am no golfer at all. We arrived there with an hour or so to spare. I sent Trey on his way and I jumped on the bike for a 3.5 hour ride. Needless to say... I saw ALL of Tunica from downtown to Tunica Lake to the Riverpark and Miss. River. Flat as hell there too with quite a head wind. I did find a great place to swim while out on the bike that day.... so I was pumped. The next day I was due for a an hour run and hour swim. When I got out of meetings that afternoon Trey and I headed out the the Riverpark for the run. Luckily we were able to hop on some trails for part of this. After the run we drove over to the Aquatic Center I found the day before while on the bike and I got my swim in. Saturday we decided to leave after my meetings so I was able to pull off a quick hour spin on the trainer between meetings. Sunday was back to normal in good ole Chattanooga. So I resumed to training as I normally would.

Last week was also insanely busy as I had a few large bids due and the training schedule did not ease up either, but somehow I did it.

Yesterday I had an awesome 2 hour trail run and finally feel stronger running. I was able to push the pace a few times.... that made me feel good about myself! And at the end I felt stronger than when I started the run.

Today is a light day with only core workout stuff, but the rest of the week is a different story.

Monday, October 8, 2007

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger

Ahhhh...... an off day today. Sweet.

Last week was a tough one. Lots of swimming and biking. The volume and intensity both higher than any of the previous weeks. Running volume not much higher, but harder for sure. Saturday I rode the Sequatchie Valley Century (metric option) with the boys. Ride time was just under 3 hours. I was a bit tired from the training through the week, but made it just fine. After biking I went for an hour of swimming then woke up the next morning and did a 2 hour trail run! This week is supposed to be an easy week.... ha ha....yeah right.... I've already looked at the schedule. It's pretty light for Tuesday and Wednesday and then right back to normal. I've got two back to back days of cycling for 2.5 hours.....This does not even include the running and swimming on those days!

What does not kill me....will make me stronger..... right? will be cool to compare fitness now to the fitness level in April 08'...... If I'm still kicking...... : )

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day 30

Day 30 of training. Today I finished up a fairly big training weekend. Surprisingly... I feel pretty darn good! After running for just over 2 hours today on trails with Joey, Cathi & Sergio.... Trey and I felt up for a little mountain biking. We rode around for nearly an hour after our run. After we picked up the kids... we went to the pool and I finished up my last pool work-out while they played in the other pool.

Tomorrow is a scheduled "off" day. I am looking forward to some down time and rest! I did look at October's training schedule and it appears things will be ramping up a bit. That's okay though.... I am sticking with it! : ) NO pain NO gain!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 27

Well... it's day 27 of training! Things seem to be coming together. Last night I trail ran for an hour and a half and kept it easy aerobic for the most part (as I was advised by coach Carole). Today was going to be an "off" day, but I've got to make up for Monday since I missed the swim workout due to a stomach bug.......SO I'll be logging in an hour or so in the pool today!

This weekend is a BIG workout weekend! I'll let you know how that goes!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Atomic Man 1/2 Iron - day 23 of training

Well.... it finally happened. I DID NOT finish my first race. I guess it happens to everyone at some point, but I was not prepared for this today.

I started the swim and immediately thought...."this does not feel right today....what's going on?" No matter what I could not get comfortable in the water the whole first 1/2 of the swim. I come out of the water in 33:50 something.

I start the bike feeling better now that the swim is over. I'm passing everyone for quite a while. Right out of transition I pass fellow teammate Aimee and then about 3 miles later I pass fellow teammate Jennifer. I seemed to be chugging along pretty well on the bike and at all the turn arounds I had built a very nice lead on numerous girls. I did refuel with water and Heed. The Heed was so tasty to me I was gulping it down. Maybe not such a good idea for later I find out. This was a very hilly bike course by the way. It would rate as an 8 on a scale of 1-10 for triathlon races. I get off the bike and Joey is at the transition area. He is amazed at the lead I've gained at this point. My bike split is 2:56.

I head out onto the run course...... immediately not feeling so hot. At first I'm thinking.... "'ll get acclimated in a's just hot out here". Not the case. I get slower and slower. Next thing I know I'm off in the woods vomiting..... then off to the woods again with diarrhea. This goes on a couple more times during the run. Aimee passes me somewhere around the 4 mile point and goes on to finish 3rd overall female! I get to the mile 7 point and decide it's time to walk back to the finish line and call it quits. My body could not perform and I was getting sicker by the minute. I for the life of me could not figure out what had brought this on. It had NEVER happened to me before. Then I thought "the must have been the Heed".

Today I am thinking it may not have been the Heed as I spent the whole day at home and did not even go into work. This could have possibly been a stomach bug. I am feeling better this evening and hoping tomorrow will be a better day because the training must go on.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 19

Okay... it's day 19 of training. This week has been a light week....which has been nice. Monday was suppossed to be an off day for me, but I could not resist the urge to take the new mountain bike out for a spin on Raccoon Mountain. I rode all by myself and it was quite challenging for me. By the end of the ride I was feeling much more confident and had picked up my speed a good bit. The day before (Sunday) Trey and ran trails for nearly 2 hours and after our run we rode the mountain bikes together for about 45 minutes to test them out. It was fun! Well I'm off to get in my run for the day.......

This Sunday is the Atomic Man 1/2 Iron! Wish me luck!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Day 14 of Ironman Training

Ahhh.... I'm still kicking! It's day 14 of IM training with a coach. I'm not going to lie..... it's been tough. This morning I went out in the dark with rain coming down and ran for nearly an hour....I will finish the day with an hour in the pool doing drills and so forth. It's gonna feel great to finish up with the last workout today....because... tomorrow is a scheduled "off" day! I have done more swimming in the past couple of weeks than the rest of the year. My legs are starting to wake up and respond some to the increased mileage and new drills they've been exposed to.

I'm trying to make a conscious effort to make healthier food choices as well. It about killed my last weekend when Trey ordered Cheesecake for dessert and I ordered none : (

I'll try and keep this updated.... between workouts!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

1st Week of IM Training With a Coach

Well.... I've started my IM training as of Sept. 1. I don't think my body was quite ready, but it does seem to be adjusting okay. Basically the swimming has quadrupled in comparision to what I was doing before, running has doubled and biking is sligthly more. I am trying to get more sleep in as I know it'll be important to rest for recovery purposes.

My new coach (Carole Sharpless) knows what she is doing and I will do whatever she tells me in order to have my absolute best IM at Arizona.

I'll try harder to post more on here as the training moves forward.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday August 9th

Well... it's been hot as hell for the past few days.... Temperates up to 102-103! This isn't even factoring in the heat index or humidity! With this said... I've had to modify work-out times.... swaping evening runs for morning ones. Yesterday and today my friend Michelle and I started running at 6:00am... temps both days were around 85 degress. Who would have thought it would have been so warm that early in the day!

Today was special for me. It was an attempt at speedwork for the first time in quite a while. We started our run with a warm up through the park... then made our way over to the track. Easy around the curves, hard on the straights x 6. We finished up with a cool down going over the Walnut Street Bridge then back across the Market Street Bridge. I have a real long hard road ahead of me as far as running is concerned, but I must keep at it since IM Arizona is looming!

Tonight I am going to attempt a bike ride with some friends.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday August 6th

Well.... it was a hot one today. Since my running has gone completely down the tubes I decided that I'd go for a baby run before my open water swim at the dam this afternoon. Wow... hot it was (99 degrees).... Don't think I have ever been so excited about swimming in the nasty lake water as I was today! Ended up with a 2 mile run and 1.5 mile swim. The swim was a much faster pace than the run. Just hoping I'll be able to build back up to some kind of respectable time in the running.... I'm so embarrased of my running shape right now!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday July 29th

Ran trails today with friends. At the halfway point we swam. The "Green Hole" we normally swim in was way up from normal as we have had some serious rain in the area. There was quite a little current running and the water was not the usual crystal clear. My running is so far from where it was last year! It's truly discouraging at times! We ended up with 10 miles total.

Yesterday I did miss my 70 mile bike ride as it was pouring outside accompanied by thunder and lighting! Oh well.... at least I got some household chores and improvements finished up!

I will get back on a regualr training schedule very very soon. My serious training will start on Sept 1 with Carole Sharpless. Hope it pays off for IM Arizona!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday morning change of plans

Woke up this morning for the usual Tuesday morning run. Phone rings..... it's my dad.... he is crying and tells me my grandmother passed away early this morning. Needless to say.... I was not really in the mood to pound the pavement after receiving this news. Wow. I can't believe she is really gone. I spent hours with her yesterday and knew she was not doing well, but it just did not seem like she'd go that quickly. She was in sound mind and knew what was going on around her. We had regular conversations and she ask me alot about Gage and Xian. Before I left her I told her I'd be back to see her tomorrow.... I did not realize she's already be gone when tomorrow came. It's like she had lost all will to live and accepted her fate. She was weak, tired and ready to go.

I may end up going for a ride or run later today just to clear my head out.